Iggy Azalea Now Sues Ex Releasing Her Sex Tape


When you start becoming desperate about your sex tape being released, what do you do? You say the guy stole your stuff, and because he’s black, automatically everyone will believe you. This is what Iggy Azalea has stated, because really there is no evidence any data got hijacked. And if the data shes referring to the all to famous Iggy Azalea sex tape, well last time I checked it takes two to make a sex tape. And Hefe Wine happens to in it. And why is she suing him NOW about these so called master recordings and not when he actually proposed to release some of her music? If the document is a fake, then how did he get this signed document by none other then Iggy Azalea. Steven Hirsch is on line two waiting to make millions, care to join the Kim Kardashian sex tape money train?

Sarah Hyland Topless Naked Leaked Personal Hacked Picture


I really thought we already had pictures of Sarah Hyland topless, but clearly I am losing track of The Fappening count of naked celebrities. I mean I guess the lawyers are making bucket loads of money, every time they write a letter consider it another paycheck. They love it. And to be honest, once everyone has seen them, the damage has been done, there no way you can stop millions of people from seeing it already. But some celebrities are dumb enough to throw money away at lawyers, when really the pictures have probably boost there careers in some way. Like if they weren’t sexual status before now you will be, your get higher salaries from these leaks, so it’s a win win for everyone.

sarah-hyland-topless-nude-naked-personal-leaked-picture-1 sarah-hyland-topless-nude-naked-personal-leaked-picture-2 sarah-hyland-topless-nude-naked-personal-leaked-picture-3 sarah-hyland-topless-nude-naked-personal-leaked-picture-4 sarah-hyland-topless-nude-naked-personal-leaked-picture-5

Demi Lovato Topless Naked Leaked Personal Hacked Picture


I thought these were new Demi Lovato topless hacked leaked pictures, but then someone told me that these are kinda old. And that basically I suck and need to get newer material. I digress, I rather have topless Demi Lovato pictures then not have any of those pictures. So having them makes me feel better about myself and this website, because really this girl is pretty hot.

demi-lovato-topless-nude-naked-personal-leaked-picture-1 demi-lovato-topless-nude-naked-personal-leaked-picture-2

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